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Extra Snowglobeees

Anyone interested in Kyungsoo, Luhan, Sehun, and Tao Snowglobes?

They’re 12$ each ; 14$ shipped(normal mail) to any country.

Send an ask or if I don’t reply within 24 hrs, just email me at =))

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Turned 2~

My tumblr account turned two today ;;;; I didn’t even remember that I made a tumblr when EXO debuted ㅠㅠ. Guess my memory is failing me. Meeeh

be the bomb | do not edit.

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After Zelo wished Yongguk a happy birthday, Yongguk fed him a piece of fruit ;w; ♡

After Zelo wished Yongguk a happy birthday, Yongguk fed him a piece of fruit ;w; ♡

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B.A.P. Fansite Noonas

How come no BAP fansites has ever released a photobook or a dvd? I’m just curious.


About that issue of me being a scammer, you can just scroll down and backread my explanation(because clearly I am not). I’m not going to repeat myself over and over again because it gains a lot of unnecessary attention. And I’m not one to ruin the photocard tag with useless rants =)) People are trying to sell decent stuff there, I don’t want to interfer.

And yeah, I have an ongoing trade. I hope it gets to me soon >___

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[From SEHUN]

Title: My second precious dongsaeng

I love you puppy

transfy-exo | sourceexo-k’s official website
please take out with credits.


kyungsoo putting on some lipstick 


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Baekhyun imitates Kyungsoo + angrysoo’s reaction

beast’s Dongwoon talking about D.O
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